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Couldn’t sleep a wink, so I did some fan art for Bittersweet Candy bowl

Calling it “the girl with the pearl necklace” 

I have had 20 minutes of sleep and I have work in 4 hours D:

Paint tool sai and all that Jazz

Abbey and Daisy belong to Veronica Vera, check out Bittersweet candy bowl! its a great comic about cats and character development.

I did some studio Killers fan art before work!

Studio killers are one of my favourite bands at the moment! I bought their first album and there isn’t a song on it that I don’t love - I think my favourites are Eros and Apollo, Flawless, Ode to the Bouncer, Friday Night Gurus, and In Tokyo.

I’m trying to work with different colour schemes, and this started as shading practise before I decided to finish it a bit. Its also one of the few pictures in my life that I did without outlines :D

so yes, give studio killers a listed and donate to their Kickstarter too if you can afford to and want to - they’re going to perform live for the first time ever!

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