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humanised Lumpy space Princess Line art 

I really like adventure time, And I’ve wanted to draw Lumpy space princess (and lumpy space) for a long time!

I’m quite happy with the pose, and I had a lot of fun drawing all the lumps and bulges in the clouds (Are they clouds? Lumpy stuff) in lumpy space.

I’m gonna colour this now, it should be up soon!

Lumpy space princess is voiced by and belongs to Pendleton Ward

getting back into drawing again - I’m a bit rusty due to having not much time, but i enjoyed doing this picture.

Unlike most of my other work, this was actually inked on paper before being coloured with photoshop - I do like working with traditional lines because I like the slight messiness they have, but they do need improvement, which will come with practice :D

In Future drawings, I want to utilise backgrounds and lighting. 

Anyways, I’m a huge fan of atop the 4th wall, and I posted the lines on my blog yesterday. this is the coloured one!

hope you guys like it :)

Quick watercolour of Claire from Questionable content!
The thing I love about QC is its inclusion - there are so many interesting characters, and every single one is unique and likable!
I haven’t used watercolours for a while and I’m a bit rusty - I am planning to draw Claire again in digital, wearing her blue dress.

Claire belongs to jephjacques

Paper, ink, watercolours and photoshop CS2 :D

My two main characters from the comic I’m working on, which is called Frostbite. Their names are Erik and Marcia.
They’ve both gone through some design changes since these were done and look more cartoony now, but I’m still fond of these pictures.
Marcia is cheerful, bright, active, friendly and strong minded,
Where as Erik is shy, musical, nervous, anxious but very very kind hearted.

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